Why would you do that?

HELLOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOooooooo WORLD! So recently my companion and I Sister Tipton just reached some points in our missions that are kinda scary.  I hit my 9 month mark and Sister Tipton hit her year mark. Or for those of us who are not familiar with our “missionary slang”, we have given up 9 months and a year to complete service to the Lord!!!!!!!!!



Now the other day we were meeting some new people in our wonderful area that we serve in, when one very nice man asked us, “Why would you do that?”  Why would we give up 18 months to complete service to others?  Why during a time where we can really be self centered at the ages of 19 and 20 and make decisions for ourselves and only ourselves would we give that up? There is only one reason I can really say…


We have felt the the affects of what our Savior did for us in our lives.  Both of us! In complete different ways, but STILL! We know what He has done for us personally. And we love Him for that. And we have a desire to serve Him, and tell people about Him, and why He wants us to follow Him.

So say “HI!” to my awesome companion, Sister Tipton!

BeFunky_null_4.jpgWhen I asked her why she decided to serve a mission, she told me that things in school weren’t working out(example: she didn’t feel good about the school she had wanted to go to) and she just felt this feeling that she needed to go on a mission even though she was only 19 (at this point she was going to have to wait until she was 21. That was the age limit).  She had never even thought of a mission ever before, and here just felt like she NEEDED to go on one. But then at a General Conference Session just 2 months after that feeling, guess what happened! (Explanation: General Conference is something our church has twice a year where the prophet and apostles of the Lord speak to us. It’s AMAZING! Ok moving on…) An announcement that sisters could serve when they were 19 happened! And she called her bishop the very next day to start working on her papers. This girl has seriously become one of my BEST FRIENDS! And she is such a stellar missionary.  I can tell her love for the Savior because of how much she loves missionary work.  She has truly impacted my life because of her service. You rock, Sister Tipton!!!!!

BeFunky_null_2.jpgAnd why I decided to serve a mission?  Well before that General Conference session, I was one day sitting in the library studying at college, when I felt a distinct prompting from the Spirit that I NEEDED to watch General Conference.  And as soon as I heard that I could serve a mission at 19, I had this thought come into my head that said, “Whether you really like it or not, you WILL serve a mission.” (Sidenote: I didn’t really want to serve a mission up to this point in my life.) But then I gained this desire to serve, because I really did love my Savior. And it just became this obvious reason that if I really did love Him, why would I not serve Him?

So I am here now, both Sister Tipton and I are here now, serving the Lord and giving up our lives that we left at home to be here. I cannot tell you how much I know this is the Lord’s work.  He wants us to follow Him, and we are here to help others know how to do that.

“Abide in me, and I in you…” –Words the Savior says to His followers



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