Love… What’s in the word?

Happy Valentines Day! I LOVE YOU! But what is love?  I can tell you, that before my mission I loved… A LOT.  I loved my family, my friends, school, and surprisingly boys. (That last one hasn’t been as strong lately.  You know being on a mission and all that’s a true blessing right there.)  But this post isn’t to talk about how I’ve set my priorities in position on a mission, but more how I have changed and how everyone else can change because of one thing.  Love.

So what is in that word? El-Oh-Vee-Ee… Well lemme tell you. Before we came to this earth, we lived with our Heavenly Father.  And guess what, He loves us so much that He wants us to become like Him, and He set up this PERFECTO plan so that we could return to live with Him one day.  And guess what, our Savior loves us too! Thus why He came to this Earth to suffer everything that you (yes YOU!) might ever go through.  Today something clicked for me, you know one of those “AH-HA!” moments.  It went a little something like this in my head…

*Love is what causes us to become like Him.*

Occasionally all of us go through tough times.  Even missionaries! Surprising right?  Before my mission I thought it was all cupcakes and rainbows.  But I was wrong. Anyways there are tough times.  And how do we get through them… love!!! Such a happy word right?

“And now, because ye are compelled to be humble blessed are ye. . .” –Alma 31:13.

Ok so I really liked this scripture.  I read it the other day.  Sometimes we are humbled?  Why?  One because Heavenly Father loves us! Two I find that when I am extremely humbled, I MUST learn how to love.  And so does everyone else. Because let’s face it.  When our Savior was on the Earth he went through more than we ever have to bear.  And did He ever just stop being nice to those around Him?  I have a hard time picturing the Savior in a grumpy mood, because He never was! And He always always ALWAYS loved those around Him no matter how much sleep He got the night before, or no matter the harsh words the said to Him, no matter when people spit upon Him, and told Him He wasn’t their Savior.  How heartbreaking would that be if all you wanted to do was help someone, and they refused to believe you?  I can say I’ve walked in those shoes, but only BARELY.  But regardless of that short short SHORT walk that I have been through and continue to do now, I have learned how to love.

I love so many many people now.  One of my favorite sayings by my mission President…

Love is multiplied, not divided!

I have moved from Colorado to Utah to New York  and I continue to come in contact with more and more people and continue to love and love more.  I could never lose the love that I have for my Savior, and He would never lose the love He has for every person I come into contact, so why should I not love.

So this Valentine’s Day  (since it’s almost over) start to love more.  Not just those who you see every day, but look for the good in everyone.  I promise you WILL love them more!

Now here are some pictures of things I love as a missionary.


love these two future missionaries (or I’m hoping so! They would be the BEST ever!)


I love Hornell Branch! (This picture is taken outside of our building… it’s not just a random sunset.  But hey if you like sunsets then come to church!)


I love this special lady a lot! She truly has such a tender heart. ❤


This is me loving on my companion… Sister Tipton!

DSCN5327 DSCN5344

And we both love our area so much so that we made cookies and Valentines for like an army, and gave them to people we love in Dansville. 🙂


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