On my way to the Hill Cumorah!!

“Ello! I’m on my way to the Hill Cumorah!” said Sister Harline (in a British accent) just last weekend.  Ok ok so maybe two weekends ago.  But I horrible at keeping my head straight recently.  So this is a long overdue post.  BUT this Church is still true!

So on September 21, 1823 Joseph Smith knelt down and prayed again when he was just 17 years old.  As he did that, the room filled with light brighter than noon day sun, and Joseph looked up and saw the Angel Moroni. This angel was a messenger sent from the presence of God to tell Joseph about an ancient record that was buried over 1400 years in the Hill Cumorah which was just 3 miles away from the Smith’s farm. Whoa! Coincidence? No way! He came to Joseph Smith 3 times that night and a fourth time the next morning, and on September 22, Joseph walked that 3 miles to find the place that buried the Gold Plates.  Joseph didn’t get them until 4 years later, but all 4 of those years he walked back on the same day to learn even more from Moroni….

SO! Fast forward 190 years and you get to see all the sister missionaries and couple missionaries walking 4 miles from the Smith Farm to the Hill Cumorah (we added a mile because we actually had to walk on roads.  But hey if you don’t believe me read the 12th article of faith.  Yeah we WILL honor the law.)  We had the wonderful privilege to walk in the footsteps of the prophet Joseph Smith and I tried picturing him being so excited about that walk each year because he knew he would be able to gain more knowledge on how to be a prophet.

Here are some pictures that will help you “picture” that day.


My companion, Sister Smithson, and I. Isn’t New York BEAUTIFUL!!!?!?!?!


Sister Noble and I! She’s a STELLAR missionary!


Blurry picture (plus we’re not looking) but this is my roommates (Shortsville sisters) with my companion and I! 🙂 We were all so excited that morning.


All the missionaries. 🙂 If you didn’t know, they are the best missionaries in the world!


Yes…. that is us walking.


The Smith family lived on Stafford Road.  And yes this is a real street.

But now that you’ve enjoyed pictures, please enjoy know that this sister missionary has such a testimony in the Book of Mormon.  I know Joseph Smith translated the gold plates into that book so that we can read it and apply it to our lives today.  It is true! And if you don’t believe me, go and read it! 😉


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