The truth about serving at sites

Alright! I will let you in on a secret that I at least have noticed from serving at the Church history sites! I learn way more on tours from the people I talk to than they learn from me.  I swear by it! Every testimony, every spiritual insight, everything they say has an effect on me! I just love hearing their stories and how they know the church is true, because it absolutely 100% strengthens mine!

For example…

Today I took on tour this wonderful couple that were both converts.  I loved hearing their stories and one of them was investigating the church for a whole 11 years before they finally joined! And it was finally when he opened up and started reading about what happens after this life that changed HIS life! He feared what happened to him when he was going to die… And he picked up an LDS book about the teachings of a prophet… and in his words, “It just made sense.”  He loved knowing who he was, and where he was going.  And I (and every one who was serving with me today) just could see the light and testimony that those two members  were radiating! They just KNEW it was true.  And when we went into the Joseph Smith Frame home, we just sat there for a few minutes, and he just let it all soak in.  And I looked over at him at one point, and just saw tears coming down his cheek.  And then it hit me!  There are people who want to come here their whole lives  and save up and plan so far ahead so they can, and I just take these amazing sites that illuminate the spirit for granted. That man truly touched my heart today.  His happiness in being there, and his gratitude for a prophet called by God far outweighed any testimony that I feel I could ever reach.  It was amazing!

See?  I learn far more from these experiences than they ever do! But that’s when I know the gospel is so true! That this truly is IT! This is Jesus Christ’s gospel restored.  And I have just teared up  so much today just thinking about how true it is! I have so much happiness from this gospel that I can’t even describe it.  I find time and time again that I am happy because I have this in my life. So thank you to that remarkable couple that I met today.  And thank you to every one who comes into the sites and shares their testimony with us missionaries.  It really helps us to do even more work.

If you want to check out some members stories and testimonies got to Here’s one of my favorite videos!


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