Called to serve…

Oh boy! Where to begin… How about an introduction? I’m Kenzie Harline, I grew up in Colorado Springs, CO and have the most glorious family a family could be. I attend Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and am thinking I am going to major in exercise science. I love life, and I try to live it to the fullest! I’d like to think I’m fun, and I’ve heard I’m outgoing, so let’s just say that I am. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and have been my whole life. I feel so blessed to have grown up learning that the gospel I believe in is true. That is why I have been…

Duh duh dahhhhhhhh!!!

Called to serve!!!

In case you haven’t already been able to tell by the huge title and description I was just called on Friday to serve in the Rochester, New York mission. Along with it, I get to serve at the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center and I honestly cannot decide which one I am more excited for! Let’s just say I am fah-reaking out 24/7 because I loooove my call! I went to the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center a few years back and absolutely fell in love with upstate New York! If you haven’t been to the Hill Cumorah Pageant I can say that it is AH-mazing! And if you do happen to plan a vacation there, make sure it’s within the time frame of June 2013 to December 2014. Because that’s when your favorite sister missionary, aka ME, will be there.

Alright, whew, now that that is off my chest, a few more things to add. When I first heard the age change, I knew that a mission was something I would love to do, but needed time to think about. I remember days upon days of praying, reading, pondering the whole shhhpeel, but I didn’t get a for sure heaven sent “this is what you need to do!” feeling for a while… 3-4 months while. But I decided to start filling out my papers anyways, and it sort of came when I was at my dentist’s office getting a cavity filled so that the dang office could sign off for my papers when I was like, “Whoa! Why am I getting this hole drilled into my tooth?” The answer to my question was just, “Um DUH!!! Cause you are ACTUALLY doing this. You are serving a mission!” Yeah I know, this experience is not that cool, but that was part of my answer. So with that I went forward with faith knowing that by the time my call came whether or not I should go, and hoped that when I had the call in my hands if it was the right decision.

And then the day came… well actually, the whole flippin’ week came. My bishop texted me on a Thursday night telling me that my call had been issued. Typically calls are only issued on Fridays and future missionaries have them in their hands on Wednesdays. So in other words I could be expecting my call to come on a Tuesday! SCORE!

JK! No score…

Tuesday came and went with no call. Alright, so maybe Wednesday? HA! Nope! Monday was a holiday so I figured that maybe the calls had been bumped back a day so I SHOULD get it on Thursday. Welp, lets just say because of spazy Utah weather, a rainstorm came and iced all of the roads over. So apparently the only city in Utah to not get mission calls was of course Provo. AHHHHHGGGGG!!! If that mailman could feel my wrath! After 4 whole days of disappointment, I really wasn’t even expecting to get my call on Friday. But magically, when I am FORCED against my will to be patient for once in my life, it came. And boy was I tired! I hadn’t slept for days due to built up excitement that was only crushed by the end of each day. So now as I was completely slap happy because of exhaustion and anticipation. You can probably imagine how I was when I finally opened my call. All. Over. The. Place. I was telling people to call someone over here, and trying to google plus with my family of there, all while my hands are shaking furiously from excitement/nervousness.

And then I read my call…

(Now if I could put this in a footnote it would say, “My whole family served foreign. And by my whole family, I literally mean my whole family. I am the youngest child and my dad, mom, brother, and sister all served missions to Sweden, England, New Zealand, and Tahiti. So you can expect what I am thinking right now. I better go foreign, not just cause I want to, but because my family did.” Ok on with the story…)

The moment that I saw New York Rochester, I thought, “State side… WHOA!!! AWESOME STATE SIDE! Ummmm…. I don’t even care! This is literally the PERFECT call for me!!!!” And I lost it. The tears came. But then I saw, “In addition…” hold up? In addition? What does in addition mean? Apparently I was also to serve in the Hill Cumorah Visitors’ Center. One word… HOLYCOWHOLYGUACHOLYMOLYHOLY! So lets just say that everyone who knows me personally, my personality, the way I look at life, and the way I truly am, can attest to this; this is an inspired call! I, and most everyone I know, cannot imagine me serving anywhere else in the world! This is where the gospel that I am to preach was restored and where the first prophet for our Latter Day church walked. I know that this is where I’m meant to go, that a mission is the right thing for me, that this Church is the true church on Earth today, and that this life is all part of a bigger picture. I know that I need to lead others back to our loving Heavenly Father. Christ did so much for us, and we must come to him through our toughest times, because only He knows how we feel. He is our comfort, our protector, our shepherd. I know this to be true! That is why I am leaving May 29th to do His work! And I cannot imagine anything else I would rather do!


One thought on “Called to serve…”

  1. Hey Kenzie, I felt like I should read your blog, so I did. It actually helped me out a lot. I’m currently working on getting my papers in. The anticipation kills me sometimes because I really want to go. I’m hoping they go in next month in April. Really excited for you. Your mission sounds like a great one!

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